1. “Top of the Pops make some noise” is the best thing I’ve ever said on the mic.

2. After filming the above TV show in December 2001 we got chucked out the BBC bar. I also called the East Enders actor who plays Ian Beal a “snidey wee prick” thinking he really was Ian Beal ! I stopped watching the show on my return.

3. I once came home from a weekend of gigs in Germany without any Trainers ! They were crackers and I’m still gutted !

4. I got spiked at a Public Domain gig in Ibiza and came round in St. Petersburg, Russia. I also got spiked with PCP in New York in 1996 and lost 2 days of the tour – I don’t do drugs.

5. My nickname at Secondary school was Lookie after a my mate discovered a Graing Hill actors name was Malookie , which he thought was funny like my name ??? Mallorca Lee has been my name since birth !

6. I’ve kicked my OCD, but still suffer from mild dyslexia and bouts of depression but that’s never held me back….

7. I think I got held up at gunpoint during an Ultra-Sonic tour of Australia. The guy forced us to our knees and made us recite the Lord’s Prayer with our hands behind our heads … It was very scary waiting to die …. He later burst out crying before letting us go !

I nominate you …..