Its taken me almost a year to get over the last gig at King Tuts, it just blew my mind an left me numb for about 4 days afterwords, but once the fog cleared I knew I wanted to do it again, but this time have it open until 3am, because I know how much you guys like to party ! lol
It took myself and Ross Ferguson ages to find the right venue, I didn’t want to do it in a normal club venue, I wanted it to be a rock venue that we could all take over for a night again and show them how the rave family do it.

Stereo, is just round from Central Station, its a basement club, one rectangle shaped room with a wicked stage that holds 300 people – Its central, underground, loud and its open until 3am.
Now I need to get the band sorted, rehearsals booked and my live set running perfectly, this time I promise you, its going to be bigger and better. I am also in the process of booking some very special guest DJ’s which I will announce as the gig gets closer, I even plan to also do a Dj set myself on the night.
I am funding / promoting this hole night myself , I really hope you can join me – all I am after is that it pays for itself and everyone has an amazing night out. I think its just hit me now, what I have just taken on…..