Mallorca Lee XL Podcast ep.56 Voodoo, Sydney Australia

Welcome to ep.56 of my monthly XL Podcast recorded at VOODOO, Home Nightclub Sydney, Australia when I was over there on tour earlier this year. Its full on Trance from the word go, showcasing some of my own releases before getting harder and darker. I then close the night with some sleazy techno. I hope you enjoy.

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  • 01. Tiësto Lethal Industry (3Bird Remix)
  • 02. Mallorca Lee – Yalday (PEM remix)
  • 03. Mallorca Lee feat. Ross Ferguson – Setting Suns
  • 04. Mallorca Lee feat. Ross Ferguson – Together (Original Mix)
  • 05. Mallorca Lee feat. Ross Ferguson – She Said (club master)
  • 06. Mallorca Lee feat. Ross Ferguson – Honey (Allen &amp Envy Remix)
  • 07. Mallorca Lee feat. Amanda Pryce – Touch (Philip Estevez vocal remix)
  • 08. Kinetica – The Last Wish
  • 09. Sam Jones – No_Angel_Original_Mix
  • 10. Tiësto featuring Christian Burns – In the Dark (Pedro Del Mar &amp Beatsole Remix)
  • 11. Commander Tom – Are_Am_Eye_(John Askew remix)
  • 12. Kaimo K – Mayhem (Original Mix)
  • 13. Alex Di Stefano – I’ve Got The Power (Original Mix)
  • 14. Shelley – Talk About Drums (Original Mix)

Coloursfest / Australian Tour 2015 / Computer Games

Alright Troops,

I hope your well, busy weekend ahead on me with the mighty Coloursfest on Saturday , I’ve been busy getting a loads of tracks / edits in several genres because I still don’t know what to play when I close the outdoor GBX arena from 10-11pm =  tweet or facebook me what you want to hear, help me out ! Check out my call out video, its had over 15l views on Facebook in less than a week !

At the start of next week I leave for my 20th Tour of Australia, its arse numbing getting there but well worth it when you do. I start my tour in Adelaide on the Friday, then Perth, then over to Sydney to play Home on Friday then an oldskool party on Saturday called Ecky Thump, the venue is a secret location – what a buzz. Looking forward to catching up with all my Oz mates down under.

I then return to Glasgow for the biggest gig of my life, Computer Games LIVE at Stereo Glasgow on the 27th June,  were taking over the 300 capacity basement from 9-3am. Before the band go on stage I’ve got my mates Michael Kilkie, Kevin McFarland & Stephen Lee playing House / Trance classics then after the band  Mark Sherry blasting out Tech Trance – this is going to sell out so get your £10 tickets fast from Tickets Scotland  

Have you checked out my Computer Games Paintings, I painted the artwork for each track on massive 3×3 feet square canvas using acrylic and gloss paints, I’m really chuffed with them. There is also some massive news on the run up to this event that I will share with you once I lock all the info. This gig will be the final Computer Game and I want to try and beat my high score.



Its taken me almost a year to get over the last gig at King Tuts, it just blew my mind an left me numb for about 4 days afterwords, but once the fog cleared I knew I wanted to do it again, but this time have it open until 3am, because I know how much you guys like to party ! lol
It took myself and Ross Ferguson ages to find the right venue, I didn’t want to do it in a normal club venue, I wanted it to be a rock venue that we could all take over for a night again and show them how the rave family do it.

Stereo, is just round from Central Station, its a basement club, one rectangle shaped room with a wicked stage that holds 300 people – Its central, underground, loud and its open until 3am.
Now I need to get the band sorted, rehearsals booked and my live set running perfectly, this time I promise you, its going to be bigger and better. I am also in the process of booking some very special guest DJ’s which I will announce as the gig gets closer, I even plan to also do a Dj set myself on the night.
I am funding / promoting this hole night myself , I really hope you can join me – all I am after is that it pays for itself and everyone has an amazing night out. I think its just hit me now, what I have just taken on…..


7 Random facts about me…

1. “Top of the Pops make some noise” is the best thing I’ve ever said on the mic.

2. After filming the above TV show in December 2001 we got chucked out the BBC bar. I also called the East Enders actor who plays Ian Beal a “snidey wee prick” thinking he really was Ian Beal ! I stopped watching the show on my return.

3. I once came home from a weekend of gigs in Germany without any Trainers ! They were crackers and I’m still gutted !

4. I got spiked at a Public Domain gig in Ibiza and came round in St. Petersburg, Russia. I also got spiked with PCP in New York in 1996 and lost 2 days of the tour – I don’t do drugs.

5. My nickname at Secondary school was Lookie after a my mate discovered a Graing Hill actors name was Malookie , which he thought was funny like my name ??? Mallorca Lee has been my name since birth !

6. I’ve kicked my OCD, but still suffer from mild dyslexia and bouts of depression but that’s never held me back….

7. I think I got held up at gunpoint during an Ultra-Sonic tour of Australia. The guy forced us to our knees and made us recite the Lord’s Prayer with our hands behind our heads … It was very scary waiting to die …. He later burst out crying before letting us go !

I nominate you …..



YOU and ME is now available on Beatport / iTunes

mlxl35-1My brand new single YOU & ME is now available on Beatport / iTunes and all good portals world wide. Taken from my Computer Games album, the 12″ mix is finally available for the very first time.

I wrote the words for the track in Ibiza while spending the day with my wife in the sun after a mental Colours Ibiza Session Boat party the day/night before. I wanted to make a track that would take me out of my sunset mixes and into electronica without being too heavy, too soon. The music was written in S.Italy and the guitars and vocals were recorded in Glasgow, its well travelled and one of my favourites from Computer Games.

YOU & ME also come with 3 amazing remixes from Irish Duo MickMag & JustBob who have dropped an Electro House bomb. DJ Aneesh Gera from Goa has delivered a progressive dream like Trance’er and The man behind Hollywood Hills / Dream Frequency / Dancing Diva’s AKA Blandy has smashed out the coolest Deep House mix PLUS a bonus live acoustic mix performed by Ross Ferguson.

YOU and ME feat Ross Ferguson

Just putting the release together for YOU & ME feat Ross Ferguson.

I wrote the lyrics in Ibiza for my wife when I was watching her sunbath one lazy afternoon. I had played the Colours boat party with Jack Eye Jones the day before and wanted a track that would take me out the ambiance of a sunset mix, something that could lift the mood without being too heavy.

I recorded the music in my studio when I got back to a cold, cloudy Paisley, adding Ross’s vocals before recording the guitars at Andy Haldane Productions in Glasgow. I then finished the songs structure in S.Italy in between a family holiday. When I got home I done the final mix down with Mark Sherry at his Outbirst Studio in Ayr.

In a world of throw away music, this song has some very special memories attached to it , who its about, the friends that helped me realise the final version and the talented producers who have added their touch to the remixes …

I cant wait to share it with you.