Alright Troops,

My brand new single 2029, a collaboration with my mate Stephen Kirkwood is out today exclusively on Beatport. Its released on another good friends label,Mark Sherry’s Outburst records with a brilliant remix from Jamie Walker. Massive support from all the A-list DJ’s around the world, but I’m happier hearing that you were playing it !

Please support the music you love, buy don’t rip.

Raucous and techy beats lead the charge of this tech-trance monster, before we get to the catchy melodic breakdown that comes complete with a vocal sample that discusses the advancement of technology up until the year ‘2029’. Dark and twisted synths quickly take over and build us up to an absolute beast of a tech drop that will rock any club to it’s foundations! Jamie Walker also delivers yet another one of his bass-quaking remixes, that oozes first class tech-trance production skills as always! Outburst don’t do half measures, this is 100% prime-time! Release date: 23/05/16

Early support from Markus SchulzJohn O’Callaghan OfficialMark Sherry,Bryan KearneyIndecent NoiseSneijderJordan SuckleyLange
Andy Moor
HeatbeatAlex Di StefanoBen GoldRonski SpeedTalla 2XLC2nd Phase and more.