If you have grown up with me and my music, you will know where my head is right now. SONGS FROM A SHORT FILM, NO ONE WILL SEE will be released on CD in a few weeks and you can have a listen right now.

Your also the first to be able to order one of the 300 very limited edition signed & numbered CD copies of this unique CD album. All monies from the pre-order will go towards manufacturing the CD and you will receive your exclusive copy, hot off the press, delivered to your door in just a few weeks time.

I will not recoup what it cost me to record this album, its been a labour of love which has taken me over 2 years to compile, record, mix and master – working with some very talented musicians / friends across 5 different studios. SONGS FROM A SHORT FILM, NO ONE WILL SEE is a very personal album, right down to the artwork I have chosen which takes what I started with Computer Games even further, into something I couldn’t be happier with.

Mallorca Lee presents, Songs from a short film no one will see. An acoustic chill out album about love, hope, fears and dreams.

“I knew from the very start some of the songs I had written could be stripped back and recorded in a way that would expose the heart and soul of each one. I would like people to chill out, fall in love, get better to this album”Mallorca Lee

All songs written by Mallorca Lee and skillfully interpreted with the help of his friends, Ross Ferguson, Andy Haldane, Fin LeMarinel and Amanda Pryce.

Thank you for letting me do what I do,
Mallorca Lee.

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